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v62 or v75?

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v75 or v62

Post by Mr.Rawr on Wed Jun 02, 2010 4:57 pm

Wipe Required
A Ton of new NPC's and Commands
New Rebirth system
New Max Stat item System
Less bugs
A little more stability
Same Rates
New Experiences
New Boss Maps
New Gachapon System
Leveling Occupation System ( gotta Code this in later)
Godly new Items
Full Knights Of Cygnus
More NPC's
New Medal System
New Stat item System
New Items
Knights Of Cygnus Maps
New Starter Map
Many Other Features
All the features we have now
More Bugs
Adding in more stuff later, perhaps.
No Wipe Required

v75 is pretty much better....
But its ur guys choice.

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