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Post by Mistic on Wed May 26, 2010 9:36 pm

Name- Anthony

Age- 14

Contact Info- Misticgoesrawr@hotmail.com

How long can you be on?- 3hrs or so

How Good Can You Code?(1-10)- 6 ( havent coded for a while around January)

What Are Some Things You Have Coded?- Uhm ive coded quite alot mostly everything but i have a works im most proud of, Rebirth island ( Very long topic ask for more info and ill reply took a few days of work for this, available for use ) , A failed cpq? =D ( The cp didnt function properly all the rest was working, had a little help from a from of course on some glitches but the cp was hard , not sure if i still have the scripts), Custom gach that displays 6 random items at once so u can pick if u wanna gach, a some npcs and etc not very important.

Could You Fix Any Problems/Bugs The Server Has?- Like all the previous apps depends on what problem just saying im not so good in fixing srcs since i mostly did wz, npc, reactors and xml creation and edits,but i have a friend that can help even though he quitted MS hes still a pretty good coder (id give him a 9)

Have you Ever Coded On Any Other Servers? If So list Them- Many, heres a few i can name of RepelMs, Bluestory, My own server of course, bluestory, Cyberms, Fantastory and sentinelms what i can think of atm.

Any Other Information- Uhm Hey im Anthony? =D Oh and P.S i already have the gachapon thing i said on top ready for u if u have v85 items implemented and a mount seller that sells v85 mounts ( did this for bluestory) so if u want i can send u it since the gachapon is already filled with 50% scrolls , reverse, timeless and etc things thats in v8x

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