Lovable\'s GM APP.

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Lovable's GM APP.

Post by Lovable on Mon May 10, 2010 7:39 pm

Full Name: Rebecca Lin

IGN: Lovable

Can You Code?: Well, if you mean by coding as in, with html & whatever with making websites then yes, i can code o__o. other than that , I could learn to code, cause` I`m a fast learner and I take business , and it`d be my pleasure to help out . (:

What Servers Have you been a GM in?: SkeleyMS, QudaMS

Experience?: I would say, i have a lot of experience from being a MOD to a GM. I love hosting events and interacting with the fellow members of a server. Making new friends is my thing (: While that being said, I wouldn't let people get an advantage of me, because clearly, i`ve got an egooo, I can get serious, and when I do , oh, you don`t wanna know . That`s how I can handle hackers, shamless people. If i were to be a GM , i`d do my best to bring in all my friends & people, cause` raawr , rawrms, is the best . get it ? ;D

What Can You Do?: Like i said, I could host many fun events that I have made up from my past servers that i`ve played from . I can also bring fun into this server, as much as possible. ;D

Any Other information?: I don't think there's anything else that i haven't mentioned, overall, i`m just a random girl, suggested by my friend, rach , to play this server, since all the other servers i`ve played are -faaail- (: oh, did I mention i`m 15 ? kay, well, nevermind. o_o. thanks for reading my app, guys , much love from mooi .

If You Do Code, Demonstrate Any Coding: I`ve been working with both coding & creating websites with design view , both last year & this year, (today, techinally) o__o. but basically if you code a website , you need codes like
<.title>Your Page Title
& fonts are like <.font size=2> (for eg.) , you can also add colour & bold/italic, w/e .

soo yeaah, i doubt that`s any help , but remember, i`m willing to give up my time & learn for you. (:
anything helps, right ?


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Re: Lovable\'s GM APP.

Post by Original on Mon May 10, 2010 7:41 pm

Nice Application Becca Smile
And Hope you have fun on this server too ^-^
Good Luck Becoming a Gm <3 Smile
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Re: Lovable\'s GM APP.

Post by Mr.Rawr on Tue May 11, 2010 6:04 am

The Head GM is deciding i can tell u, u have chances .... Razz (Maybe)

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Re: Lovable\'s GM APP.

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