One Last Wipe

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One Last Wipe

Post by Mr.Rawr on Sun May 09, 2010 10:19 am

We Have currently having problems and such in Drako Repack Such as the WZ messed With A Ton Of Stuff.
DC When clicking buddy
DC Random Times
A Lot Of Lag

So We Have Switched To Speed Source which is Less Laggier ( Although there's a little lag At times )
Many More Commands for GM
Player Commands Less Buggier
Players Have A little More Laidback Gameplay
Coin System(Added My Self)
Tetris System(Which i have added myself)
Soon To Be Headless Horseman Custom Drop System
FM Bosses(Added myself)
Noob Training Zones(FM 7 And etc)
Mage shop(More Challenging For The other Jobs, Cause it is Half Challenging)
Godly Shops(Including Stuff)
Bowtie Seller (Not Added Yet)
Donator item System(soon to be added)
!proitem for GM's(Godly)
Government System(Voting @gm I Vote For )
Cosmetic Place
VIP System and Much More...

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